9 DIY Tripod Lamps You'll Want to Make Immediately

October 17, 2016

9 DIY Tripod Lamps You'll Want to Make Immediately


There's nothing quite like a tripod lamp to add some character to a home. With their part-light source/part-sculpture functionality, these three-legged beauties command attention and really know how to pull a space together. 

A designer tripod lamp can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars ...  making it the perfect lighting project to DIY! And they're actually pretty straight-forward to make. You just need a bit of time and some creativity up your sleeve :)

Check out our favourite 9 DIY tripod lamps below. And BONUS: Each one of these lamps has a complete tutorial to go with it, so you can learn exactly how to DIY these lamps for your own home. 


9 DIY Tripod Lamps You'll Want to Make Immediately - Read about DIY lamp kits and projects at http://ilikethatlamp.com


1. Thrift Store Tripod Turned DIY Lamp by Craptastic Katie 
2. Pottery Barn Inspired Tripod Lamp by Dogs Don't Eat Pizza
3. Converted Music Stand Tripod Lamp by The Painted Hive
4. Copper Pipe Lamp by I Spy DIY
5. Copper Plumbing Pipe Tripod by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
6. Driftwood Brand Tripod Lamp by Completely Coastal 
7. Pine Board Tripod Lamp by The Merry Thought
8. Royal Marine Table Lamp by Home DIY
9. Telescope Lamp by Do or DIY

The Common Denominator: Lamp Wiring Kits 

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