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Meet Our DIY Contributors

Hello there, fellow lamp lover.

You know us, we love LAMPS and we're always looking to bring you quality, easy to follow and awesome DIY tutorials. In our mission to deliver high-quality lighting tutorials, we have had the hands-on help of creative DIY bloggers and fans. Scroll down to meet our awesome contributors and see the DIY lamp tutorials they created for you. And if you want to join the fun, you can apply to become an I Like That Lamp DIY contributor.


Michelle Robinson

Michelle is a mom of two, a passionate DIY crafter and a woman in business who has launched a new startup in the social media arena.

Lamp Tutorial How to Make a DIY Bedside Lamp Using an Old Wood Lantern. Michelle is sharing a lovely story of how she turned a lantern from her wedding into a beautiful, functional DIY lamp.

Dorey Kronick

Dorey is a multi-media artist who loves to turn dreamy ideas into visual realities combining graphic design, photography, and mixed media art.

Lamp Tutorial How to Make a New DIY Lampshade out of an Old One. Dorey is taking apart an old lampshade and is showing you how to recycle the metal hoops and make a new shade using our adhesive styrene.

Alina Thomas

Alina is a wife, a mom, and a wedding photographer based in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Lamp Tutorial: How to Make a Superhero Custom Lampshade for a Child's Room. Alina is showing you how to give a nursery lamp a cool makeover using adhesive styrene and a superhero fabric.

Katie Milton

Katie is a life coach who works with women entrepreneurs to #DoDifficult and #WinatLife.

Lamp Tutorial How to Wire an Old Wool Spool and Give it a New Life as a Lamp. Katie realized she could make a lamp out of anything so in this tutorial she decided to use an old wool spool as base for a new lamp.

Nicole Sanchez is a family documentary photographer in Northern Virginia passionate about documenting family life and finding fun ways to display family photos.

Lamp Tutorial How to Make a Scotch Bottle Lamp aka 'The Perfect Gift for a Dad'. Nicole was looking for a great gift for her dad and she decided to give him a unique lamp.

Rhiannon Gillis is the owner and lead decorator for Amber and Honey. She enjoys the opportunity to design someone's interior space, likes to win at board games, eat donuts and not feeling bad about it.

Lamp Tutorial A DIY Lampshade Project Your Child Will Love. Rhiannon wanted to display her daughter’s creative drawings so she decided to transfer them onto fabric and into a unique lampshade.



We are always looking for DIY enthusiasts to help us create unique do-it-yourself lamp tutorials, every month. If you're a DIY fan with a special knack for lighting fixtures and home decor, you take awe-inspiring pictures and love a challenge, then this opportunity is for you.

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