Electric Lamp Wiring Kit



        Beautiful designer lamps can cost hundreds of dollars. With a DIY kit, you'll be able to make a beautiful, quality lamp for a fraction of the cost. You'll also be able to perfectly match your lamp to your own style and decor needs. We all have different taste - don't settle for a generic lamp. Make a lamp you love!

        This kit includes all of the electrical and hardware components that you need to make a brand new lamp, or rewire an old, broken lamp.


        • 8 or 12 Foot Lamp Cord
        • 4 Piece Socket Set With Standard Off/On Knob
        • Rubber, Knurl and Metal Washers
        • Black Bushing
        • 4 x Lockwashers
        • 2 x Locknuts
        • 2 1/2″ Nipple
        • Detailed Instructions to Help You Make a Lamp You Love!


        Depending on the type of lamp you’re making, you may not need all of this hardware. We include extra supplies in case you want to mount your lamp.


        Follow along in the video below as we go through how to wire a lamp from scratch. And when you’re done, you’ll never think of wiring a lamp as a scary project ever again!


        "Our puppy chewed the wire of one of our bedroom lamps. Instead of purchasing a new lamp, I thought I'd take a chance and try this rewiring kit. It worked! The kit is very easy to use and everything you need is included. Very happy that we didn't have to pay for a new floor lamp!" - Allison, Amazon Customer, February 2, 2016

        “It is a very comprehensive kit that will be very helpful in building your lamp or converting it. I received 2 european style lamps that needed to be converted and these kits came in very handy. I looked at multiple kits online and this was the right color and it had everything that I was looking for. In fact the kits have additional parts that are not shown in the photo that is also helpful.( i.e. multiple nuts and washers, nipple (guides your wire through the base of the lamp which is also treaded for your supporting nuts/hardware.) The only thing that you need, that the kit does not provide, is a harp and lamp shade.” - J. Leeon, Amazon Customer, May 26, 2016

        “I love anything DIY, it makes me feel creative, accomplished, and proud to create something myself. A lamp is something I have never created, so this kit was so cool to me. Included in this DIY Lamp kit is all of the parts you need to wire a lamp. You can make your lamp out of absolutely anything you choose. The possibilities are endless. If you Google DIY lamps you will find an array of ideas. You can get this lamp in 3 different finishes, brass, antique brass or silver.It's really simple to put together and create a beautiful, one of a kind lamp. You can also use this to rewire old or vintage lamps, to make then as good as new. The instructions are detailed and illustrated to make it easy and safe to put together the lamp of your dreams.I am still browsing ideas and mulling it over to decide exactly what kind of lamp I want to make, but I am a huge fan of this kit and I'm sure this won't be the last lamp I make.” - Robertaon, Amazon Customer, July 1, 2015