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DIY Lampshade Round Up: 16 Gorgeous ILTL Shades

November 07, 2016

DIY Lampshade Round Up: 16 Gorgeous ILTL Shades


Regardless of how many built-in light fixtures you have in your home, you'll likely need a floor or desk lamp at some point in time. Whether it's for seeing a bedtime book a little bit better, or achieving mood lighting when guests are over, we could all benefit from some extra illumination in our homes.

Last week we showed you just how easy it is to wire a lamp socket and make a lamp you love. And what better way is there to add personality to your lamp, and your home, than by DIY-ing a lovely lampshade to match it?

We gathered up 16 of our absolute favorite DIY lampshade tutorials to give you a glimpse of the infinite possibilities afforded by making your own lighting. 

Each one of these beautiful lampshades was made by a home decor blogger using our very own DIY lampshade supplies. Check out the links below to read a review of our DIY supplies and to learn the step-by-step process these lighting lovers underwent to make the lampshade of their dreams! 


DIY Lampshade Round Up: 16 Gorgeous Shades Made with Our Supplies! - Read about DIY lampshades and projects at


Top Row (left to right):

 Second Row (left to right):

Third Row (left to right):

Bottom Row (left to right):


A special thanks to each and every blogger who reviewed our DIY lampshade supplies and used them to make a stunning lampshade! 




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Lisa Berg
Lisa Berg

December 22, 2018

I was writing you on a Pinterest page where I clicked to get this page, and now I can’t find what I wrote! I think part went to you and I was about to give you total height of Jack Daniels base which is apx. 12 1/4 inches. Did you get the rest of what I wrote or shold I start ove and if so, would you direct me to a page I can finish my writing to you….
I am sking for your help for DIY drum lampshades because I suffer seer fibromyalgia and often, like now, cannot think straight. I’ll do all I can to follow the instructions but hopefully if I hit a snag you can help me.
Thank you,

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