Video Tutorial: DIY Owl Lamp Finial

August 31, 2014

Video Tutorial: DIY Owl Lamp Finial



Put a bird on it! If you've ever seen IFC's "Portlandia" you'll know that birds sometimes get a bad rap for being a hipster icon. 



DIY Owl Lamp Finial - Read about DIY lampshade kits and projects at



But I couldn't pass up this tiny ceramic owl figurine perching on a thrift store ledge. At 2 1/2" tall, it's the perfect size for a lamp finial (read: what is a lamp finial? if you don't know what the heck a finial is). And with my DIY Lamp Finial Kit, I turned it from a dust-magnet into a lamp accessory with tons of personality in less than 5 minutes. This fast little video tutorial shows you how. Enjoy!





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