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DIY Lamp Finial: Dutch Windmill

DIY Lamp Finial: Dutch Windmill



Finials are often the forgotten part of a lamp. Most people wouldn't even know what a finial is! What a state for these critical pieces of lamp hardware. Instead of having a plain metal finial topping your lamp, why not make your own unique lamp finial? Your lamp deserves better.



DIY Lamp Finial: Dutch Windmill - Read about DIY lampshade kits and projects at



I made this cute Dutch windmill lamp finial from an old ceramic figurine I picked up at a thrift store for 50c! Not bad for something that has given my lamp an extra bit of character. Now, making your own lamp finial is now super-easy with our new DIY lamp finial kits. More info on the finial kits below the jump. 



Here's how to make your own: 


1) Find a small & light object to turn into a finial.

2) Paint or decorate your object as desired. For my windmill finial, I spray painted it black all over.

3) Buy a swiveling finial insert that can either be glued to the base of your small object or inserted into a drilled hole.

4) Use our lampshade glue to attach the finial insert to the base of your finial object. Let dry.

4) Screw the finial onto your lamp’s harp or lampshade adapter.

That's it!



Making lamp finials is an easy, fast way to give your lamp a unique twist. We can't wait to bring you more DIY finial ideas!



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