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Oh So Lovely Home Stencils

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These stencils were designed by Audrey Kuether, owner of the popular DIY home decor blog, Oh So Lovely.

  • This set includes three scandinavian design inspired stencils
  • Each stencil measures 11.75 inches in length x 11.75 inches in height
  • Made out of a strong and reusable 10 mil mylar material
  • For use on walls, furniture, wood, paper, textiles, ceramics + more

Our stencils are made out of a reusable 10 mil mylar plastic, which is flexible yet strong enough to be used over and over again on a variety of projects! They're translucent grey in color, so they're easy to position and ensure perfect visibility as you start painting. Our stencils are light, durable and thinner than vinyl, which makes them ideal for an array of DIY home decor projects.

Stencils are a fast & affordable way to personalise your home.

These stencils were created in collaboration with Audrey Kuether, owner of the popular DIY home decor blog, Oh So Lovely. Stencils are a great alternative to wallpaper, which can be extremely costly, and are the perfect way to instantly add character to any space.

Whether you are using these stencils to add a modern flair to a wall or piece of furniture, creating art, or decorating textiles, our stencils will ensure you get a perfect result every time. They're perfect for use on wood, paper, textiles, cement, ceramic + more. Group, layer or color coordinate your stencil artwork for a truly bespoke look.

The right tools are key

Use a spray adhesive on your stencils and fully secure it to your project before starting. This will eliminate the risk of paint bleed below the finer details. Using a stencil brush will allow you to create textures such as an embossed effect. They also control pigment much better than regular brushes.

Use as little paint as possible

Apply an even layer of paint with a light and steady pressure. If you desire a darker color, wait until the first layer dries and then apply an additional coat. Applying too much paint at once can cause the stencil to bleed.

Wash your stencils after each use

Soaking your stencils in warm water and soap after each use will help preserve the stencil, allowing you to use it over and over again. Most dish soaps will do the trick. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners.

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