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Rayon Covered Lamp Wire


    Our twisted rayon fabric-covered wire comes in several different modern colour tones and is perfect for restoring an old lamp, or giving a new light fixture an upscale finish. The 100% rayon fabric finish beautifully conceals the wiring and rubber insulation, providing a modern shiny finish and great texture. It comes in three different lengths - 15 feet, 25 feet or 50 feet - so you’re free to make one lamp, a pair of lamps, or multiple hanging light fixtures.

    Technical Details:

    • 18-gauge wire with 2 conductors (known as 18/2 or 18-2), ideally suited for standard household lighting
    • Approximate diameter (+/- 2 mm): 6.5 mm, about 1/4″
    • Maximums: 600 Volts, 105 degrees Centigrade
    • For indoor use only
    • Made in the USA



    "Well made, each wire is wrapped." - Jim Higdem, Amazon Customer, May 15, 2016

    “We are making cedar lamps for our living room and I want them to be unique and different than anything I have seen. I like the antique design as we have a few pieces of antique furniture in our home. The twisted fabric cord adds the touch I have been wanting and ties in the cedar and the antiques into our lamps.

    The cord is fifteen feet long which we will be cutting in half and giving us a nice long cord that way we can rearrange our furniture and still have our lamps plugged in as we have a older house the outlets are scarce. The quality and design of the cord are exceptional as it is a cloth covered lamp cord that is 18/2 gauge wire.

    The fabric that covers the wires is twisted and are of high quality cotton or rayon depending on the finish you are looking for. The cord comes in different sizes and colors so you can get the perfect length and color you need for your DIY lamp. You can use this cord for a multiple of things also other than making lamps which makes it very versatile and functional.” - Nini, Amazon Customer, September 20, 2015


    How do I replace my lamp’s old cord with this?

    Cut both sides of this cord with wire cutters, strip it, and attach it to your lamp’s socket on one end, and a plug on the other.

    I like the idea of refurbishing lamps, but working with electrical wiring scares me.

    We recommend having a very healthy respect for working with anything that conducts electricity. It can cause shocks, fires, and worse. If you’re a novice DIY-er, we sell an e-book that includes a ton of information about safety while working with lamps and wiring. You’ll learn how to identify lamps that could pose a shock hazard, how to ensure safety of your components, and all about electrical polarization. You can learn more about the ebook, here.

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