Cotton Covered Lamp Wire


    Our antique-style twisted wire comes in several different colour tones and is perfect for restoring an old lamp, or giving a new light fixture an upscale finish. The 100% cotton fabric finish beautifully conceals the wiring and rubber insulation, providing a modern matte finish and great texture. It comes in three different lengths - 15 feet, 25 feet or 50 feet - so you’re free to make one lamp, a pair of lamps, or multiple hanging light fixtures.

    Technical Details:

    • 18-gauge wire with 2 conductors (known as 18/2 or 18-2), ideally suited for standard household lighting
    • Approximate diameter (+/- 2 mm): 6.5 mm, about 1/4″
    • Maximums: 600 Volts, 105 degrees Centigrade
    • For indoor use only
    • Made in the USA



    "The lamp was my dad's high school shop project. I always felt uncomfortable about the safety of the original cord, especially as it aged. The new replacement lamp cord I used was a near perfect match for the appearance of the original lamp cord, circa 1925/1926. The new lamp cord consists of two stranded copper wires, each individually insulated (one black and one white) with modern electrical insulation material, and each insulated wire is individually covered in a Putty Beige woven cotton fabric outer sleeve. The two covered wires are then twisted together along their length to provide an authentic period lamp cord look. I recommend using a wire stripper hand tool to strip insulation at the wire ends to prepare them for connection to the lamp socket and plug, rather than trying to make do with a pair of pliers. The appearance of the replacement lamp cord was just as I remember the original. I am very happy with the end product." - Thomas, Amazon Customer, May 28, 2016

    “Five Stars. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!” - Mark Edmondson, Amazon Customer, October 19, 2015