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Bottle Lamp Wiring Kit



    This kit comes with all of the components required to make a lamp out of a keepsake wine or liquor bottle. Don't be intimidated by making your own lamp - This project is super easy! From start to finish, it will only take you 5 minutes.

    What’s included?

    • Pre-assembled and wired, UL-Listed socket with an on/off switch and side exit hole
    • 8' SPT-1 (standard household) silver colored cord
    • 3 Rubber adapters in different sizes: 1", ¾" and ⅝"
    • 1 Nipple (steel threaded pipe)
    • Check ring and knurl nut
    • ⅜ inch bottom hole that's threaded, and a set screw that works with ⅛ inch IPS pipe
    • Illustrated instructions to guide you through the process


    What else will you need?

    • Your favorite wine, liquor or similarly shaped bottle
    • 5 minutes of your time


    Make a lamp you love!

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    Follow along in the video below as we go through each step involved in making a wine bottle lamp. You’ll soon see that making a unique bottle lamp is easy-as-pie!


    “Very quick delivery! We made lamps for the kids out of a big, glass storage jars to display their prized possessions. It was very easy to do and looks great and unique. If you notice, the cord comes out of the side of the socket, not the bottom threading through like typical lamps, so we could use a closed container as a base! The former complete kits we ordered had switches that turned to go on. My son's stopped turning so the lamp wouldn't work. We ordered this part, loving that it is a push switch to avoid the same problem again. Went in easily and our son has a reading light by his bed again within days! ” - Rebecca, Amazon Customer, February 2, 2016

    "I am no electrician, and I’m really not much of a crafter. But I’ve had a Four Roses bourbon bottle sitting on a shelf for a few years now. The bourbon was gone a long time ago but the bottle was so pretty that I couldn’t toss it. So when I saw this Bottle Lamp Making Kit a light bulb came on…no pun intended(ok, maybe a little.) And so I decided this bottle would be perfect for a lamp. This kit comes with anything you need to turn just about any bottle into a lamp. There is no wiring or drilling required. It also includes 3 different adapters so it will fit different sizes of openings. So regardless of which wine, liquor, soda bottle, etc…that you want to use, it will likely fit. The kit came with clear instructions and was very easy to put it together. I didn’t need to use any tools except for a screwdriver to tighten a screw on the side. It took me longer to put the glass beads into the bottle than it did to put the lamp together! I then found a matching shade and I think it came out beautifully." - Carrie M., Amazon Customer, July 27, 2015

    “This is the lamp kit to use if you're making a vase or bottle into a lamp & don't want to have to drill a hole in the glass or want the cord to be less conspicuous running behind the lamp. I'll never use another style or brand! I'll reorder this one in a heartbeat! I learned the hard way this style is called ‘French.’” - Juli Chikon, Amazon Customer, August 28, 2015


    What’s the maximum bulb wattage I can use with this kit?

    The maximum compatible wattage is 40W.

    Can I attach a lampshade to a bottle lamp?

    Yes! You’ll need to use our Euro-fitter lampshade rings. If you want to use a lampshade with a Spider/Washer fitter (one that requires a harp), you’ll need to purchase a harp saddle separately, and insert it below the lamp socket; or you can use a lampshade clip adapter to attach the lampshade directly to the bulb.

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